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Help setting safe mode on youtube from Internet

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Cyber bulling is not a good thing to do so don’t do it! Cyber bulling Is basically is when you bully online. If you get bullied online you should ask a person who you trust and they will sought it out. You should ask an adult you trust like your family or Teacher. If you bully someone don’t do it! CEOP if someone bullies you press the CEOP button! If someone you know bullies someone else you know then tell one of them to not bully anyone.

E Safety Tips.

  1. Don’t let anyone see your password only people you trust.
  2. Do a long password.
  3. Don’t give any personal info.
  4. Don’t accept any friend requests only people you know.
  5. Don’t use bad language of any sort.
  6. If someone says something bad tell family or teacher.
  7. Don’t copy and paste.
  8. Report any inappropriate language that anyone has used.
  9. Don’t tell anyone about your personal info only people you trust.

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  • no one else, apart from you, should know about your password
  • make it hard with numbers as well as letters
  • only change your password when people find out (or you tell them)
  • put different passwords for different
  • write down the passwords that you’re not sure of on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place

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Safer internet day!

Today was safer internet day also known as SID. We started of the day by meeting in the community room with the rest of ks2. When we all settled down we had a talk about traditional tales that could have an E-safety twist. My story was called “Rumple online” it was about a man who lied online about his life and his daughter Hannah, so the king ordered Hannah to thread gold as told by the man. As a result of not having the skill she turned to social medias advice… summoning the imp, Rumplestiltskin….

We were also asked to fill in a questionnaire about E-safety. Mrs Tee said we had to be totally honesty about what we were writing down! I discovered that I spent up to 4 hours online. Which is very bad!

After that we talked about what kind of message we want to send across, we came up with:

  • Don’t talk to strangers online.
  • Always be nice online.
  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • Don’t add people online that you don’t know.
  • Tell someone if something is wrong.

If you need support you can contact the CEOP.

Internet safety is very important. It is very important you have privacy settings and keep safe! If someone is bothering you and you have politely told them to stop; then you can start to take some action against them. Every little thing you do that helps keep you safer online can help others keep safe or make the right decision. This will help fight against cyber bullying too.

Safer Internet Day is a very important day in society. Keeping todays generations educated about this type of subject passes down onto future generations. It is extremely important that you remember this when you get older because anyone can get into trouble online. Or in case future generations have the same issue. But hopefully we can stop dangers internet soon!





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9th of February 2016

Today was Safer Internet day which is when the school talks about how to keep safe in the internet. All of Ks2 were sent to a room to discuss about E-safety. We were instructed by our teachers to write a fairy tale but with an E-safety twist, but before we wrote anything we had to discuss our ideas with each other. After that, I chose the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Our teachers told us that we could make our story into reality next term, which basically means we could act it out or do stop-motion with lego figures. We were also given a E-safety questionnaire to complete. So today we were taught a lot such as: Not to talk to strangers, Make a hard password, Don’t add people you don’t know and if there is that something that offends you or is inappropriate, always tell an adult.

Always remember what you learn from Safer Internet day because it is very important in our society.


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Safer Internet Day

Today was SID , safer internet day, and in Ks2 we have been learning about how to keep safe on the internet. We learnt the rules to follow when online like never disclose your age, your name and where you live. In the morning we got together as a key stage and discussed what we would do today. A person in ks2 had a great idea of writing a traditional tale but with a twist. The twist was that we would change the story and involve E-safety.  We were put into groups and we all discussed our ideas like what messages we wanted to share and traditional tales. Then we shared our ideas with the whole key stage we got inspiration from others. After sharing our ideas we started writing our own stories. My story was about Little Red Riding Hood and my twist was that she had lied about her age so she could access Facebook. She had also added friend whom she didn’t even know. The wolf had seen her post about going to her grandma’s. Little Red Riding Hood had also posted where she lived and where her grandma lived. So then when she went to her grandma’s she was stalked by the wolf. At the end the police find out and they taught  Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf a lesson.

Over the next term we will be expanding our ideas by either filming our stories, stop frame animation or using 2 animate.

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Today Ks2 have been learning about Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is a day where the internet is much safer, the whole of Ks2 had to go in the community room to discuss about story’s/fairy tales would have a good internet twist and some of us came u with: Red Riding Hood, Jack And The Beanstalk and Three Little Piggy’s. Then we had to pick what story/fairy tale we would use for our internet twists! I wrote About Three Little Piggy’s which had to include internet thing’s like computers , Facebook or other things. The point of Sid (Safer Internet Day) is to keep children adults safe from hackers.If You Don’t what hackers are read on because if you don’t know about them you are going to have a tough time on the Internet because they are the people who take away personal detail and share it!

  • Never share you Photos, Address, Name, Date of birth and Account Info.
  • Don’t talk to random strangers
  • Keep personal details to yourself
  • Don’t share your Photos

Follow these rules and you wont worry through the online world!

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For Safer Internet Day we have been looking at how to stay safe online. So we have used traditional stories and  put an E-safety twist on them. I chose Jack and the bean stalk and in my version Jack and his mum are poor and his mum tells him to sell their cow ( Daisy). But he is on E-bay and he is too lazy too go to the market, so Jack decided to sell Daisy on E-bay. Jack tells everyone where he lives so that they can come and collect daisy. A few minutes later a mysterious, old man came to Jack’s house while Jack was on him phone and instead of giving him money as he said on E-bay, he leaves him beans. Finally when Jack gets off this phone he looks around and he can’t see Daisy and all he can see is 5 beans. When he tells him mum, she is furious and throws the beans out of the window. The next day there was a beanstalk in his garden and Jack knew straight away where it led because a giant had posted his address and how to get there on Facebook. Jack decides the go up the beanstalk and steal all the giants money as on Facebook he said he had a goose which lay golden eggs.

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hey there, this is another blog by me ,Ricardogps, today is safer internet day (2/9/16) and we are writing some traditional story’s with a internet twist. These are story’s like:

. hanssle and Gretel- internet twist = hanssle and Gretel and the Facebook lie

.three little pigs- internet twist = three little websites

.jack and the beanstalk = Jack and the his lost cow a internet lie

.goldilocks and the three bears =

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While your online their are certain things you shouldn’t share, personal information is definitely one of them. Personal information is things that are personal to you, for example:

  • Where you live
  • Your age/date of birth
  • The school you go to
  • Your name
  • Anyone in your family’s name

There are many good people in the world but sadly their are also lots of bad people that would love all of your details.

Those bad people can steal your identity completely if they get hold of your details. Even just 1 photo on a social media website can prove fatal. Anyone under 13 reading this blog should NOT, I repeat should NOT be on any social media sites.

Some people online might not be who they say they are so if anyone says they know you ask them a question only you and them would know. If someone asked to meet you somewhere go and tell your parents before saying yes or no but don’t close down the page  because an adult needs to know what was being said.

If you see anything you don’t think you should, keep the page up and tell an adult that you trust. Don’t be scared that you might get told off by your parents, they won’t tell you off for something you didn’t do.

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